I'm still sick :(

I'm still sick. Still coughing badly and my body temperature is rising. I drove around KL yesterday!! Gosh, it shall be the last I hope. I almost went insane. The last time I drove around KL is when I was showing Lokhin and Sheriese to all the places in KL. I did the same thing yesterday but managed to find the Lake Gardens and (forgive my ignorance), I just found out we have 'Tugu Negara' in KL. I thought it was somewhere in Melaka but I was just driving around and found it in the opposite of Lake Gardens. Hahahaha I applause myself for going to so many places in a day cuz' honestly I don't think I will ever do it again unless someone else is coming to KL for the first time. I find KL is such a mess and every place looks so near yet so far cuz' I somehow can't get familiar with KL roads. I few more of this trips, I think I can get paid by being a tour guide. The next time shall be with my Japanese friends who are coming here for the summer. * yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! * I miss them so much. Can't wait to see them and go shopping together. I like them cuz' they can get as wild and crazy as me. ( peace sign)


Not going well

I think by the rate I'm going, i'm going to the extreme of coughing my lungs out soon!!I've coughed non stop for the past two days and I have client counseling tomorrow.I don't even know if I can talk properly tomorrow without having the client to pause for me to finish coughing.But I'm still going to try my best in hopes that I'll do fine.I don't know if this is being brave or stupidity.I can cancel it to another day or get done with it tomorrow.Hrmpppppppp.......*sigh* someone is away. :{ and I'm missing the someone. *sniff* *sniff* I guess I'll just have to wait by the phone in hopes I'll at least get a message. What's wrong with me?!! I don't know. I'm losing the insensitive self. The mean me is slowly but surely fading away.....wonder what/who changed me. *smack forehead*- okok....getting my grip now!!


I'm in the hotel's lounge now. haha.

lalala. went to the so called center of the world and was eating kebab there. and um. lazy to write liao. k. ciao.